Meet your Instructor: Charlene Bower  

602960_501462179895880_1447117079_nServing Offroad Enthusiast since 1994, Charlene Bower has worked daily for the last five + years adjusting to the on & off road media as the owner of Bower Motorsports Media. While managing the drastically changing media environment, she has worked with many leading racers representing sponsors.

A few years back she gave her first ‘Create Your Own Media’ seminar that became talked about by many (some teams have executed to grand successes!). When she stopped traveling to the races as frequently as before, the ability to transfer the information diminished. 

“When I walked the start line at King of the Hammers this year and over half of the drivers had their window nets covering their door panels aka their sponsors, I started to twitch and knew that I hadn’t touched those racers.” It was clear at that moment that there needed to be a solution to bring the classes back. She has currently released a series of Live Webinars & Workshops with different topics – all related to Sponsorship, Media & Marketing between Racers, Companies and Events. 

“Todays game is completely different from even a couple years ago. It’s your job as a racer to go fast, take chances, look pretty and talk well. It is our job to help you take your successes (and even the races that didn’t turn out so well) into a good media opportunity. We work at this everyday…it’s time for me to tell you everything I know!”

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DSC_0015-199x300Charlene Bower, founder of Bower Motorsports Media, took her very first job changing tires in a motorcycle shop.  From there she went on to be a part of the management team of some nationally recognized multi-line powersports dealerships.  After over 10 years in motorcycle retail management, it was time for a change.  Putting 6 months aside to experience life as never before, she hooked up her truck to her trailer and wandered from ride spot to ride spot making up for lost weekends on her dirt bike and quad.  While on the road, she found the love of photography and writing.  When a private multi-line magazine company approached her to be a part of their sales team, it turned into the perfect match.  The next few years were based around sales and relationship building, while learning the in’s and out’s of the media world, specifically in the Sand and UTV Markets.  When the economy dropped severely and effected the magazine business, Charlene looked for the niche that needed filling.  It didn’t take long to evaluate that quality PR to the media for needed content was in order. She works daily to consistently refine the process as the world of media has revolved quite drastically in the five years since opening Bower Motorsports Media. The company has grown to include different properties, all with media and marketing as the core to their creation, including: Bower Media CalendarRace Team Store, I’m Not Just a Girl, Bower Media Promo Gifts, Shirt & Swag Club, Shirt & Bling Club, Bower Media School of Professional Marketing and Offroad Newswire among others that are in testing phases.  The Bower Media team is in the backdrop to some of the most successful racers, events and companies in the 4×4 market.  It is normal to find Charlene at offroad events every weekend working to get the shots and the stories to bring the love of motorsports back to those that can’t be there.


Charlene Bower Named to BFGoodrich Tires Performance Team  

BFG Performance Team Logo FNL_OLGREENVILLE, S.C. (Mar. 18, 2014) – “Created in 2008 as Team BFGoodrich, this group is comprised of elite motorsports superstars, key industry partners, market influencers and enthusiasts who all share the BFGoodrich Tires passion for driving and are viewed as experts in their respective discipline. This group will help advance the attributes of the BFGoodrich Tires brand with its wide ranging enthusiast following.”  Read Full Release HERE


Charlene Bower, Fastest Girl Up Backdoor at 2014 King Shocks Backdoor Challenge

Charlene BackdoorHere are a few facts to paint the picture:  1. I’ve never raced anything before.  We can take that one step further to saying, I have never seen a green flag and hit the skinny pedal.   2. I’ve never driven up the obstacle Backdoor as a passenger…muchless a driver until the Saturday before the event.  Sure I have taken hundreds of pictures, but that doesn’t mean you can crawl it.   3. I was driving an everyday crawler.  Is that fair?  How about a 4 cylinder YJ that has slowly been stripped into an AZUndertakers proven tube buggy.    Yes, that makes the decision to compete at this fun challenge even crazier!  Read Full StoryHERE